Environmental management includes subjects such as area development, permits and zoning plans. The web of rules and obligations can sometimes be difficult to follow. DKC guides the entire process, so that your plans can be executed without any worries.

management from start to finish

Nowadays, area development is a complex matter. Not least because of the multitude of rules, but in particular also because of the many stakeholders in the process from application to implementation. That is why we put ourselves in the shoes of both the client and the stakeholders, always keeping the ultimate goal of the client in mind. We stand for sustainable developments, not only in the field of the environment, but also socially.

In DKC’s view, spatial development consists of a total package. That is why we help you realize your plans from the first initiative to the realization. For this we offer various services that are complementary to each other. So we not only take care of changes to the zoning plan for your project, but also the necessary studies, environmental permit and water permit.

zoning plan

Changing a zoning plan is a complicated process with many stakeholders. Even the most difficult trajectories are in good hands with DKC. We supervise the process and leave the content to specialists with whom we have been working for years.


A logical follow-up to obtaining the destination are the various parts of the environmental permit. After all, you want to realize your plans. An environmental permit is a permit for building a structure, or a permit for business activities that may cause nuisance to people and the environment. In most cases, the application for both the environmental and construction part must be submitted simultaneously. Pre-consultation with all parties involved is essential in order to arrive at a complete, admissible application that can be granted as quickly as possible.

water permit

The Water Act imposes requirements on activities in the water system. For many activities it is sufficient to submit a report and follow the general rules from the Water Board’s label.

There are also activities for which a notification is not sufficient, but a permit must be applied for, such as direct discharge of wastewater into surface water or groundwater extraction. DKC arranges a water permit expertly and quickly.


Advice issues arise with various developments, but also during permit processes. This can vary from a complete MER process with accompanying studies in the context of spatial development to a soil study in the event of a business takeover. DKC provides guidance and direction to the advisers in various procedures. This method allows us to best represent your interests as a customer. We have a professional view of the request for advice, but also a critical view of the results of the research.