compliance management

Conducting an active compliance policy is one of the most important pillars of good governance within a company. It is precisely going one step further than the legal lower limit that really distinguishes companies that want to conduct socially responsible business. DKC offers companies and organizations a complete and user-friendly package of compliance services in the fields of environment, working conditions and safety (EHS).
dkc compliance management

clear and practical

A good compliance management system helps by translating legislation into practice with clearly defined standards, goals and resulting tasks down to the level of detail desired by the customer.

the best databases

We offer several registers from diverse international suppliers. We exclusively work with suppliers who have an extensive (international) frame of reference.

only relevant information

The systems we offer provide insight into the desired legislation for your company and the associated obligations / tasks.
Update of the legislation in the systems is of course part of these web-based packages. If necessary, we also translate the quarterly updates directly into clear tasks for your company. You can also store your relevant system documents (procedures) in the system, so that all matters required for legal compliance and ISO14001 can be found in one clear place.

direct tasks

With our many years of experience, we know exactly how every piece of legislation should be interpreted, so that every employee in the company can get started right away. This interpretation can also be entered into the system by means of direct tasks, so that the legislation relevant to you becomes visible.
There are also activities for which a notification is not sufficient, but a permit must be applied for, such as direct discharge of wastewater into surface water or groundwater extraction. DKC arranges a water permit expertly and quickly.

get an audit done?

DKC can provide a complete audit that verifies compliance with EHS, health and safety and environmental legislation. More information on audits? Click here for more information.