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De Klerk Consultancy is the independent consultancy agency of Patrick de Klerk (1965), with over 30 years of experience in the field of spatial planning, environment and quality. Since 2012 he has been active as an independent entrepreneur under the name DKC. Characteristic of DKC is that every project is tackled with due attention to the environment.

About DKC | image: "maze" of water and land

Because more and more companies see the need for sustainable entrepreneurship, and laws and regulations have become increasingly extensive and complex, the emphasis in recent years has shifted to advice on compliance management. DKC provides a cooperative and proactive attitude towards the client in combination with a thorough knowledge of business and facts.

In addition to compliance management DKC also advices environmental management and the associated permits. Naturally, we advise with an eye for the interests of the client, but at the same time look critically at the results of the research, in collaboration with a large network of experts.

recent projects

Image of Safari Resort Beekse Bergen
Image of a distribution center

Safari Resort Beekse Bergen

changing zoning plan

On behalf of Libéma, DKC made the expansion of Beekse Bergen with the Safari Resort possible by successfully changing the zoning plan.

GLS Netherlands

drawing up an environmental aspects register

For GLS parcel services in the Netherlands, an environmental aspects register has been drawn up for ISO14001 certification, in which a clear weighting per action point has been included.

Nouryon Industrial Chemicals

updating legislation

For the Dutch locations of Nouryon DKC takes care of keeping up with laws and regulations. The compliance management system used by Nouryon is updated twice a year.

Harbour Village Zilveren Schor

change of zoning plan and application for an environmental permit

Harbor Village Zilveren Schor has entrusted DKC with obtaining the zoning plan and the necessary permits for the location in Arnemuiden.

Pegasus Legal Register

compliance database

For Antaris Consulting, Pegasus Legal Register has been completed for various different companies. The registers cover the legislation relating to Working Conditions and / or the environment.

Zooparc Overloon

change of zoning plan and application for an environmental permit

The zoning plan for Zooparc Overloon has been changed, and Dierenrijk Nuenen received assistance with environmental permits.

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