Pegasus Legal Register

A search for the most suitable compliance solutions for our customers led us to Ireland in 2014. Pegasus is in line with our wishes to make the environmental health and safety legislation transparent and well-arranged to the desired level of detail.

Het systeem is eenvoudig van opzet en geeft begrijpelijke samenvattingen van de door het bedrijf gekozen relevant legislation and related duties. With Pegasus Legal Register you can measure the level of compliance of your company and implement actions where necessary.

The collaboration with Pegasus Legal Register enables us to implement and maintain very effective compliance support. As a partner of Pegasus in the Netherlands, Belgium (all regions and federal) and Luxembourg, we can provide companies with the in our eyes excellent EHS legal register in these countries, with both national and regional legislation. Do you want to know what Pegasus Legal Register can look like for your company? We are happy to discuss all options and options with you.

Step 1. Identification

Onze consultants identificeren alle actuele wetten om er voor te zorgen dat ook aan nieuwe wetten gevolg wordt gegeven als deze worden vastgesteld. Met behulp van Pegasus kan een bedrijf op een eenvoudige manier zorgen voor naleving van de belangrijkste bepalingen van wet- en regelgeving binnen de volgende toonaangevende managementsystemen: Milieu (ISO 14001) Energie (ISO 50001) Informatiebeveiliging (ISO 27001) Gezondheid en veiligheid (ISO 45001) Kwaliteit (ISO 9001) Corporate Governance Marine, haven en offshore.

Step 2. Explanation

Our specialised consultants first build up knowledge about your organisation and then describe how each part of the legislation and regulations applies to your company in practice. After implementation of Pegasus, we will keep you informed of any changes to the legislation by means of an e-mail to all involved with the change and clear explanation thereof.

Step 3. Evaluation

Use the Pegasus compliance questionnaires and reports so that your company can quickly and easily evaluate and demonstrate compliance with each part of the law. You have the option to set action points for deviations and assign them to the right colleague. Compliance reports provide a direct and clear picture of the compliance status. You can easily download and print these reports to demonstrate compliance with all laws and to show how the company solves or follows up on current affairs.